Note From The Editor

This is our 20th issue of the Fringe Review! 

I’d like to thank the Ventnor Fringe media team; a talented collection of writers, radio hosts, designers, filmers and photographers:

Miri Green, Caroline Barlow, Laura Clare Reid, Matt Hitt, Hollie Hayes, Ben Hansen-Hicks, Tom Paston-Cooper, Katy Rose Thorogood, Dan Travenna, Tobias Penner, Luke Bridgeman and Alicia Keele-Toms. 

This is our third year as the Fringe Review team and once again we’ve had a fantastic time attempting to entertain and update you lovely people. 

    As I sit here, they’re all dancing and singing out loud to Abba, covered head-to-toe with glitter wearing some of the most stylish outfits any media team has ever worn.     

Do you think we’ll all still be doing this when we’re 50?” - Miri Green

I truely hope so, I love you all,

Caty x x

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